Artificial Plant Wall Backdrop Singapore

Grass Wall Backdrop has always been a top choice amongst individuals when choosing for a backdrop. 


Now, why will I say that? 

The reason I say this is because well a grass wall backdrop is actually a customizable backdrop that you can set according to your preferable designs and likings. Not only will it give off an aesthetically pleasing vibe, but it brings you back to nature with the greens around us. If you have noticed, the grass wall has been on a rise and is now commonly seen as decorations in shops, backdrops for weddings/parties/baby showers/photoshoots, and even been incorporated as a part of many apartments and offices. It creates and further enhances beauty with nature and gives off just the perfect overall look you are looking for. 



Well, I have a piece of good news for you! 

The good news is that Flower Studio can now provide you with insanely astonishing yet exquisite grass walls at an insanely good price that you will never find elsewhere in Singapore! Be it whether you are looking for a grass wall for rental, a grass wall backdrop for your events, or for retail installation or even for your apartments and lovely homes, we have that all in-store for you!

Our crafty and skillful artist will definitely be able to transform your space such that it enhances the beauty of your event or venues and even make it Instagram worthy enough for it to be featured on your social media platforms. I assure you, it will definitely be able to exceed way beyond your expectations and be worth every cent of your money.


 Wait no more and contact us today to find out more!