Balloon Flower Decorations

Balloon Flower Decorations has always been a classic theme that is suitable for various events in Singapore. Whether it’s for a wedding event, kids party or dinner and dance, balloon flowers can be both exquisite and fun at the same time! Below are a few balloon flower decorations done by our in-house balloon artists:

Balloon Flower Bouquet Decorations

Event: Ball in Monaco 2018 at MBS

Happy Nurse’s Day at Raffles Hospital


Stage Front Balloon Flower Decorations

Tired of the usual Flower/Plants decoration for your stage?  Why not have balloon flowers instead!

Balloon Flower Backdrop Decorations

A simple yet elegant flower balloon backdrop decorations done for kids birthday party. Our balloon flower backdrop is suitable for corporate events and wedding events as well!


Find out more of our balloon decorations and flower decorations here at Flower Studio!

Enquire with our friendly flower decor specialist to find out how we can hype up the atmosphere of your event venue with balloon and flowers!

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