Balloon Decorations

Our team of in-house balloon artists have over 10 years of experiences. As seen on national TV channel 8, channel U and various celebrities’ social media, Flower Studio is proud to be a partner with the leading balloon company in Singapore, THAT Balloons.

More than just balloon decorations, we create an experience. 

Flower Studio offer various balloon decoration services in Singapore. From organic balloon garland, balloon arch, balloon pillars, balloon wall backdrop, customised balloon sculptures and balloon landscape styling, our team of balloon artists have more than 10 years of experience in balloon decorations in Singapore! Find out more about the type of balloon decoration designs and ideas we offer!

Balloon Decorations

We tell a story in behind every decoration we do. This is how we engage every audience, by having them to feel a connection with each of our decor. The main goal of every masterpiece is not just having a viewing pleasure, but to “feel” and connect to the details of every artwork.

Types of Balloon Decor we provide:

Balloon Wall Backdrop | Balloon Arch | Balloon Pillars | Balloon Tunnel | Organic Balloon Garland | Balloon Photoframe | Customised Balloon Sculpture | Balloon Name | Balloon Number | Balloon Landscape Styling | Helium Balloon Decor | Stage Balloon Decor | Special Effect

Contact us and find out how we can help customise the perfect balloon decorations for your upcoming party or event!


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