Flower Decoration Wedding Package

Pink rose petals scattered as you walk down the aisle? Coloured bows tied onto your wedding chairs? Lighted words with you and your partner’s name on the reception table?

A wedding decoration is an important factor in the wedding. It not only brings out the beauty of a wedding but it also enhances and set the atmosphere of this very special event. A decoration accentuates the event venue and gives the ceremony the perfect fit for this perfect occasion. Now let’s all imagine together, would you want a plain white wedding with just a few chairs and a table for your guests to sit? Or would you want a nicely decorated, fine wedding with fanciful decorations that make your wedding look like a fantasy that appears only in your dreams?






Flower Studio is now offering you a flower decoration package that consists of everything you need for that dreamlike wedding of yours! Be it red roses on the reception table, flowers on your wedding chairs or a window flower box, or any other type of flowers for decorative purposes,  we have it all covered just right for you! 











Be rest assured!

Our artist has years of experience and has an eye for the best decorative elements that will definitely be to your likings! Your wedding will be so aesthetically pleasing that your guests can’t bear but to take out their phones and snapshots at your event!












Save the hassle and save yourself from being too stressed and worried about the decorations of your wedding.


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